About Us

Brokensparkplug specializes in a the removal of broken sparkplugs without the removal of the cylinder head in Ford 3 valve engines.

The Company's Future

Brokensparkplug.com has created a repair process for the removal of broken off spark plugs from 2004 - 2007 Ford vehicles without the cost of removing and replacing the cylinder head.

Due to the very large geography of our customer base, we have now developed a completely mobile repair process where all of the equipment that we need to perform the repair except for a standard shop style vacuum and compressed air can be carried on an airplane which gives us the ability to travel anywhere in the United States to perform the repair.

Brokensparkplug.com is a division of the largest and most distinguished mobile spark plug repair company in the country. Blownoutsparkplug.com

Most of out repairs are in southern California but we have traveled over most of the US including Alaska and Hawaii. (see map)


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